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Agents can make $3,000 a month or more.


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Agents earn between $4 and $10 per sale.  Commissions are paid bi-monthly.  

www.freelifelineoffers.com  is a service that offers free wireless phones in multiple cities and counties throughout the United States.  We are looking for agents, affiliates, dealers, and distributors.  We offer free monthly minute plans ranging from 250-1000 minutes a month.  Customers may also qualify for unlimited minutes.  Our site is designed for low income Americans to be given a selection of leading wireless providers for their Federal Lifeline Benefit choices. The service is free and there is nothing the consumer has to purchase upfront or monthly.  The service providers supply a customer a new or refurbished wireless handset and the government pays all or some of the qualifying customer’s monthly minute purchases which range from 250 minutes to as much as unlimited plans.  The customer simply completes a short online enrollment process.  The customer uploads their ID and proof copy, completes the online application.  The process is simple.  The phone is then shipped out to the qualifying customer.  www.FreeLifelineOffers.com works

This Position is COMMISSION ONLY. There is no Salary or Wage paid to Sales Agents, however, www.freelifelineoffers.com offers a great commission program.  Agents can make $3,000 a month or in some cases $10,000 or more per month if you are a team builder and the company qualifies you to add agents and sub agents. 

www.freelifelineoffers.com is expanding nationwide and is seeking select companies and individuals to take orders in our 30 plus state footprint.  Demand is high for our agent program.  You must pass a background and criminal records check to qualify to work the program.  Our staff will review all applications thoroughly and see if you qualify. 


 About The Lifeline Program

Lifeline is a federal assistance program that offers wireless telephone discounts to qualified low-income customers, including residents of Tribal Lands.  Lifeline provides a monthly discount to qualified individuals. Eligibility requirements and discounts vary by state.  As part of the Lifeline program, Link Up is available to qualified consumers who live on Tribal lands. It assists qualified Tribal customers by paying a customer's one-time activation fee. Restrictions apply.


How Does The Online Enrollment Process Work?

A customer enters their zip-code and a list of choices comes up of different providers approved to do business in their area.  Our service allows the Consumer to choose which Service Plan best suits their needs.  Customers select the plan and phone they like best.  Our site validates their address and qualifying information though a series simple steps.  The customer uploads a copy of the ID or proof to our site and signs the application electronically.  The order is then validated with the carrier and the phone is then prepared and shipped.  Once the process is completed www.freelifelineoffers.com works with the carriers to make sure the phones are shipped and delivered on time.  Also, www.freelifelineoffers.com takes care of any chargeback risk.  Once our site accepts the order, the phone is shipped, and the customer makes the first call your commissions are guaranteed.


How Does The Agent Program Work?


You earn $4 to as much as $15 per enrollment.  Agents enrolled in the program will receive marketing materials as well as training.  Agents can enroll customers with an IPAD, Android tablet, laptop, or PC device.  You must have a camera with your device.  You are responsible for providing your device as well as your internet connection.  A software application or “APP” will be provided to you to run on your device.  Phones can be distributed for free at churches, state fairs, flea markets, online websites, retailers, door to door, as well as various other outreach programs we will train you to work.  You will also be given a log in to your website back office to manage your orders and view how much commissions you have earned as well as any override commissions you may be due off of other agents you brought into the business.  You can track your business activity in your back office.

 Applicants can apply online at  www.lifelineagentswanted.com or www.lifelineaffiliateswanted.com.  You can also call us  or  email  us.  See below.


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855-55-PAYGO or 844-557-2946


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